Anthony’s Kitchen is proud to partner with Tree Cafe in launching a new pop-up cafe in Kofu, Yamanashi. Our vision is to use locally produced ingredients, cooked with love and care, to not only satisfy your pallets but to warm your hearts. The Tree Cafe is a warm and inviting space for you to come and relax, meet with friends and enjoy great home cooked and fresh food. Where possible, Anthony’s Kitchen aims to make all the food in house, from Bagels to Ciabatta bread, English style back bacon to Cumberland style sausages, salad dressings and daily baked muffins and cookies. Come and feel free to sample the food, enjoy the atmosphere and be made to feel like your eating at home.

Bookings for parties are welcome. Please email for any requests, or just pop into the shop for a quick chat. Happy to receive all.

Open for Breakfast from 8am – 11am and Lunch from 11:30am- 3pm

Below is the current menu from the Tree Cafe

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 Breakfast menu



American style fluffy pancakes, crispy streaky bacon, poached egg, maple syrup

ふわふわパンケーキとカリカリベーコンとポーチドエッグ ¥500


Homemade “Greek style” yoghurt, coconut, toasted almonds & dried berries granola, seasonal fruits

自家製ギリシャヨーグルト、ナッツグラノーラと季節のフルーツ ¥500


Smoked salmon, scrambled egg, homemade mini bagels

スモークサーモンとスクランブルエッグのミニベーグル ¥500


Full English Breakfast (Homemade bacon & sausages, grilled tomato, mushrooms, hash brown, fried egg, slice of toast)

フールイングリッシュブレックファースト ¥900


Additional menu


Extra sausage (1 piece)            Extra bacon (1 rasher)

ソーセージ 1本  ¥200                  ベーコン 1枚 ¥100

Slice of toast & butter            Today’s Jam

トースト&バター 1枚 ¥50                   本日のジャム ¥50

Drink set

(Coffee, tea, orange juice, milk, sparkling water)

セットドリンク ¥200




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Lunch menu



Homemade ciabatta, grilled pesto chicken, olive, tomato & caper salad

グリルドチキンの自家製チャバタサンド オリーブトマトサラダ ¥950


BLT sandwich, crispy salad

熟成豚肉のBLTサンドと本日のサラダ ¥850


Moroccan bulgar wheat salad, dried figs & apricots, olives, semi-dried tomatoes, fresh rocket

モロッコ風 ドライフルーツと麦のサラダ ¥600


Caesar salad, soft boiled eggs, rustic croutons, Pecorino cheese

シーザーサラダ ¥500


Grilled chicken Caesar salad, soft boiled eggs, rustic croutons, Pecorino cheese

グリルドチキンシーザーサラダ ¥700


Sweets menu


①Blueberry crumble mini muffin

ブルーベリーミニマフィン ¥150

②Chocolate & hazelnut mini marble muffin

チョコレートとヘーゼルナッツのミニマーブルマフィン ¥150

③Lemon, Earl Grey tea & semolina cookie

レモンとアールグレイのセモリナクッキー ¥130

④Eton mess (Fresh cream, meringue and strawberries)

イートンメス ¥300


Anthony’s Kitchen @ The Tree Cafe

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